by Elizabeth Morris

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This EP is something of an attempt to write political songs.

Historic Times was written after a night at a festival in Padova in July.

Athens was inspired by the events in Greece in the summer of 2015.

Australia was written in 10 minutes in response to Australia's refugee policy.

The Season is a song about trying to be a better friend at Christmas.


released November 25, 2015

Athens was recorded, mixed and mastered in Brescia, Italy on 19 November 2015 by Alessandro Paderno at Red Carpet Studios.

You can find the studio here:

It was performed live (mostly) by Elizabeth Morris and Ola Innset (Making Marks, Sunturns, My Little Pony).

All songs written by Elizabeth Morris. Guitar riff in Australia by Ola Innset.



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Elizabeth Morris


  • Oct 04
    Santiago, Chile

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Track Name: Historic Times
At the end of a long day with 40 degrees in the shade
I'm standing on a hillside watching someone I used to love play

And the singer is much thinner than I remember
So what does that make me?
And he's hiding what's left of his hair under a cap
No we're not so young, but we are still free

And the moon tonight is a custard cream
And it hangs high above the Adriatic sea
And there's a wooden stage and a tree
And electric lights swaying in the breeze

No I don't remember very much I admit
I am guilty of wasting through the days
But you light me up like a thousand fireflies
Oh light me up tonight

And the city tonight is a distant dream
And the countryside is the place to be
And we don't dance very well
But we can twirl

There's something I have to say
These are historic times
And I can feel the earth quake
With what we've left behind
But I don't mind
Track Name: Athens
City roofs warm the morning light
You're sleeping in
Your body wrapped in hotel white
I didn't realise that I'd been feeling tired

But in that place where we felt young
We realised just what our lives were for
A taxi driver says
We're too young to know

In Athens where we laid our heads
And dreamed of bigger things
Something changed in me

An old man reading a newspaper
You're drinking tea
A pigeon flies close to me
I feel the traces of antiquity

Talking for hours sweet and mad
We tire of words and
Go out for a walk instead
In Exarchia hope is laced with dread

Our world is blue and white
And dirty and clean
And so much bigger
Than you and me
Track Name: The Season
Lately I've been missing all my drunk music friends
And i've been thinking of that winter when we met
and his coat was so much warmer than the one that I had on
so he bundled me up tight and held me in his arms

And I was so in love that I forgot to call you
And I so was caught up in me I didn't write
And before I'd realised it had been several years
And before id realised there were Christmas tears

Could it be you need someone
To help you through the season
And if you are feeling alone
You know I will always need you

Some people are not meant to be together
But equally I think that some are meant to last
And I know that it's been hard
And you don't know if you'll make it
I think you should try at least to give it one more chance

I remember when I decided he was the one
And the way the choice felt out of my hands
You were my confidant, you said that I should try
I've probably said too much again, but you know

And all the streets have Christmas lights again
And all the coffee shops are playing Dean Martin
And although I know it's bullshit and just to make us buy
I feel glad in a part of my soul It's like

When I see lovers sharing a winter coat
Or when I hear a new song that I really love
And when you write to me
And tell me that you miss me but that you're doing well